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This year, give the child (or child at heart) in your life a truly unique gift with a set of Mokulock blocks. Unlike plastic Lego blocks, these are made from wood, adding a whole new dimension to building time. They are completely natural, so the color of each block varies slightly. Each set includes 50 pieces of eight-dot blocks. They are only available in Japan, but you can now have them shipped to anywhere in the world from Japan Goods Finder. Order more than one set to save on shipping costs! Click here to buy...

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Beauty & Youth United Arrows has been selling Oakley Frogskins sunglasses in its stores for several years, but now for the first time, the two companies have collaborated on a series of original, limited-edition frames. Two versions are available: an original smokey brown tortoiseshell frame with clear lenses, and a translucent amber frame with emerald iridium lenses. Both come with a Beauty & Youth branded microfiber bag and feature the Oakley logo in matte gold on the stems, as well as the Beauty & Youth logo in white on the inside of the stem.  Click here to buy...

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Bright Eyed Beauty

When getting ready for an important meeting or date you make sure everything is perfect, right? Your clothes are clean and wrinkle free, you do your hair and makeup, and try to look as good as possible. But do you ever think of your eyes? No, we don’t mean your mascara or winged liner. Though that is important too. We mean your actual eyes. Are they red? Most people do not think about it but it can make such a difference in your appearance. If you work in front of a computer screen all day, chances are, you will...

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Limited-Edition Star Wars Samurai Stormtrooper Bow Footman

Limited-Edition Star Wars Samurai Stormtrooper Figure What would you get if you crossed a Stormtrooper with a Japanese samurai? Thanks to famous Japanese sculptor Takayuki Takeya, we now have an answer to that. The artist has created a series of strikingly lifelike and detailed Star Wars figurines for Japanese toymaker Bandai. The latest edition—now available for pre-order and shipping in March 2017—is a Stormtrooper reimagined as a samurai foot soldier with a bow and arrow. Traditional Japanese influences can be seen not only in the figure’s choice of weaponry, but also in its armor and helmet. In addition to...

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Get A Face Lift Without Surgery  

  Okay, let’s get real for a minute and talk about aging. It happens to everybody. And we all know that one of the main things that comes with age is sagging skin. Your skin just starts to loose it’s elasticity the older we get and it is not as firm. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent or try to reverse this affect of age. Companies make thousands of different firming creams, and masks that claim to tighten and make you like younger. Then there are more drastic ways, surgery. Face lifts are popular for...

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