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VANS x Rollicking A Different Way to Wear the Sukajan Style

Following the success of their last collaboration, Vans and Rollicking are bringing out another pair of slip-ons. In July 2016 they released two pairs of slip-on shoes that were designed to resemble Sukajan jackets. A style of jacket that has been around since post-war times and have been very trendy lately. These jackets are normally made of satin and have embroidered designs on the back. Like Sukajan jackets, the slip-ons were made with a satin-like material and have embroidered designs. They were available in a blue pair with a tiger design and a red pair with a dragon design....

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Snoopy and Woodstock Meet Pop Artist Kaws

Collaborations between big clothing companies and artist are always great. Artist can add more creativity to the design and make it different than the normal designs we see everyday. Wearing the same clothing that everyone else has can be boring. But you can bring out your own personality and individuality with unique pieces, like the ones find in this collaboration. If you haven’t heard about it, this is a collaboration between one of the most successful Japanese clothing companies, Uniqlo, and the US born pop artist and designer known as Kaws. Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear company. They...

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Your Dream Car

We all dream of having a luxury car at some point in our lives. Luxury means better than the normal and we all want the best. Having the best means that you are probably successful and have the money to buy whatever you want. This is a place everyone would like to be and aims for. So what exactly makes a car a luxury car? What makes it worth so much money and have such a high status? Well, simply put, they are made better. They have better equipment, performance, construction, and comfort. Luxury cars usually have nicer and...

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For The Love Of Polka-dots

Very few people still work when they are 88 years old, let alone be as famous and successful as ever, if not more. But this is the case of the artist and writer Yayoi Kusama. She was born on March 22, 1929 and has done truly amazing work in her life. Famous for her use of pyschedelic colors and patterns, especially dots, she is considered one of the most important Japanese artist and has been featured in countless museums. She is also responsible for creating infinite rooms which are rooms filled with mirrors and lights that are place in...

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Pizza Hut Knee Pads

Companies have been pranking the public on April Fool’s day for years, usually with fake new products. And this year was no different. From Google Maps’ transformation to a Ms. Pac-Man game to Netflix’s Netflix Live and KFC’s Smart Bucket, this year seen some good pranks. One of the “new products” that were launched April 1 was the Hizza Pad from Pizza Hut. Hizza is the Japanese word for knee, so Hizza Pad translates to knee pad. But these are a little different then your regular knee pad, these ones use pizza to protect your knees. Yup, you read...

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