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Super Mario Stamps Infiltrates Japan’s Post Office

Super Mario is loved by millions of people across the globe, and his appeal crosses generations. The character first appeared in the Nintendo game Donkey Kong 36 years ago! Many children have grown up with Super Mario, and they are now passing on their love to their kids. The plumber is still so popular that even Japan’s prime minister dressed as him when making his entrance at the Rio Olympics. Now the Mushroom Kingdom is expanding all across Japan via the country’s postal service. Super Mario joins other iconic characters with the honor of having his own series of...

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Japan’s Hottest Watch Trend: Knot Watches

We’re living in a busy world where keeping track of time has become a major challenge for most of us. There is no time like the present and many say that time is a gift that should be used wisely. All of this is true, but far too serious, which is why today we want to introduce something more fun, the Knot brand. This incredible watch brand is quickly becoming the latest trend in Japan because of its beautiful and unique timepieces. Knot is a Japanese watch manufacturer that produces high quality watches that are affordable, exceptionally high quality,...

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Bring Studio Ghibli to Your Kitchen with a No Face Soy Sauce Bottle and Rice Scoop

Anime and Studio Ghibli fans can now bring a little of their passion into their cooking, with new kitchen accessories featuring the character No Face from the hit film Spirited Away. We can always count on Ghibli characters to add some thrill to our lives, and now this mysterious character can dispense soy sauce to our families. No Face, the peculiar character who feeds on emotions, will pour out soy sauce from his hands. The Ghibli soy sauce bottle is made of porcelain and silicon and will sure to be a conversation started along guests and family members. Round...

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The Latest Japanese Kit Kat Flavor: Cough Drop

Kit Kats in Japan are known for their unconventional flavors, which include everything from wasabi to ginger. But the latest one may just be the strangest yet. Nestlé Japan’s newest limited-edition Kit Kat flavor is cough drop, released to coincide with the country’s 2018 World Cup qualifying bid. The candy bars contain  2.1 percent cough drop powder to help soothe the throats of screaming fans. The packaging features famous Japanese football announcer Yasutaro Matsuki, along with phrases including “one more point!” and “go, everyone, go!” Get a box of your own and put yourself in the mood for cheering...

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