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This year, give the child (or child at heart) in your life a truly unique gift with a set of Mokulock blocks. Unlike plastic Lego blocks, these are made from wood, adding a whole new dimension to building time. They are completely natural, so the color of each block varies slightly. Each set includes 50 pieces of eight-dot blocks. They are only available in Japan, but you can now have them shipped to anywhere in the world from Japan Goods Finder. Order more than one set to save on shipping costs! Click here to buy...

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Limited-Edition Star Wars Samurai Stormtrooper Bow Footman

Limited-Edition Star Wars Samurai Stormtrooper Figure What would you get if you crossed a Stormtrooper with a Japanese samurai? Thanks to famous Japanese sculptor Takayuki Takeya, we now have an answer to that. The artist has created a series of strikingly lifelike and detailed Star Wars figurines for Japanese toymaker Bandai. The latest edition—now available for pre-order and shipping in March 2017—is a Stormtrooper reimagined as a samurai foot soldier with a bow and arrow. Traditional Japanese influences can be seen not only in the figure’s choice of weaponry, but also in its armor and helmet. In addition to...

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Double the Trouble  

  There are few other series that are quite as popular and well known as Star Wars. Everyone knows the famous quotes and shocking moments, even if they haven’t seen the movies. Pop culture loves Star Wars. And for good reason, they’re good. Fans can’t get enough of the action and characters which has lead to the release of eight movies since 1977 and huge amounts of Star Wars merchandise. And that’s what we’re here to talk about. In June and July 2017 you will be able to bring home two more pieces for your Star Wars collection. Japanese...

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Tissot and World Order Collaboration  

To promote the release of their new watch, Tissot worked with Toyko’s dance performance unit World Order to create a cool video. The collaboration was filmed in Japan’s first Tissot boutique, Tissot Boutique Shinsaibashi and promoted the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA special edition watch. They show off a few of their other models as well as their beautiful new store. In the video the dance unit display the watch in a really fun and cool way. In their normal businessman attire, the parody group dance to their catchy song while showing off the watch. A lot of their...

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Hello Kitty Mini Adventures

Hello Kitty is known throughout the world for it’s adorable characters and overall cuteness. It doesn’t matter where you are from, everyone recognizes the face of Hello Kitty. She is everywhere and you can get pretty much anything Hello Kitty themed. She is one of the most popular characters to come out of Japan. And if you’re looking for a cute gift idea for a little one in your life or if you love collecting Hello Kitty things, we have you covered. Rement has come out with a set of Hello Kitty miniature figures and they are adorable. It...

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