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Pizza Hut Knee Pads

Companies have been pranking the public on April Fool’s day for years, usually with fake new products. And this year was no different. From Google Maps’ transformation to a Ms. Pac-Man game to Netflix’s Netflix Live and KFC’s Smart Bucket, this year seen some good pranks. One of the “new products” that were launched April 1 was the Hizza Pad from Pizza Hut. Hizza is the Japanese word for knee, so Hizza Pad translates to knee pad. But these are a little different then your regular knee pad, these ones use pizza to protect your knees. Yup, you read...

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The History of Instant Ramen

Everyone has eaten a pack of instant noodles at least once in their life. It is a quick, convenient, and tasty meal that has been feeding teenagers and university students for decades. But have you ever stopped to wonder how these delicious noodles came about? It all started in 1958 with a man named Momofuku Ando. Japan was still struggling with food shortages as a result of World War II and Ando was determined to find a way to help. He wanted to find a way to make ramen quickly and easily at home. It took a while but...

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Funny Japanese Commercial Shows You How to Cool Down

Earlier this year, Japanese beer and beverage company Kirin released a TV commercial to promote is seasonal Hare Nodogoshi alcoholic drink. Marketed under the same brand name as its popular Nodogoshi beer, the product was made only in limited quantities for the summer season. To promote Hare Nodogoshi, Kirin launched a media campaign that included a popular and entertaining television commercial. It features two superhero-like characters representing the north wind and the sun, as well as two unsuspecting young women who are enjoying a day relaxing in the outdoors. First, the north wind character creates a storm around the...

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New Japanese KitKats are Designed to be Baked

It is well known that Japan has some very unique, often limited-edition flavors of KitKat candy bars that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. But the latest addition to the KitKat lineup is a series that are made with the intention that customers will bake them and eat them warm. After cooling the KitKats in the fridge, simply pop them into a toaster over for about two minutes and you will have yourself a freshly baked treat. The first flavor in this new KitKat series is pudding, and when baked until it has a lightly browned crust,...

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New Japanese Kit Kat Flavors for Summer!

For those of you who love trying the new Japan-only Kit Kat flavors when they come out, here are some that are sure to stimulate your taste buds. In addition to the stand-by Matcha (green tea) flavor, limited-time ones for this summer include Passion Fruit and Orange Hazelnut. These goodies are only available in Japan, but order Japan Goods Finder will ship yours to anywhere in the world. Click here to buy...

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