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Michelin-Starred Cup Noodles

The Michelin Guides are like the bible for foodies, including only the very best restaurants across all cuisines. Tokyo has more Michelin-starred restaurants that any other city in the world, and one of those restaurants is Nakiryu, a ramen shop specializing in spicy dandan noodles. Now, you can get this same famous ramen in an instant version, as Nakiryu has joined forces with cup noodle expert Nissin Foods. The noodles, available at select convenience stores across Japan, may not be exactly as those from the restaurant, but they’re pretty close. Online reviews have people raging, saying they’re the best...

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The Latest Japanese Kit Kat Flavor: Cough Drop

Kit Kats in Japan are known for their unconventional flavors, which include everything from wasabi to ginger. But the latest one may just be the strangest yet. Nestlé Japan’s newest limited-edition Kit Kat flavor is cough drop, released to coincide with the country’s 2018 World Cup qualifying bid. The candy bars contain  2.1 percent cough drop powder to help soothe the throats of screaming fans. The packaging features famous Japanese football announcer Yasutaro Matsuki, along with phrases including “one more point!” and “go, everyone, go!” Get a box of your own and put yourself in the mood for cheering...

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Yoku Moku Cookies are Loved the World Over

Noriichi Fujinawa founded Yoku Moku after World War II as a way to bring people joy after the war. Still today, his confectionery and cookies are beloved around the world and are a favorite gift item or souvenir from Japan. Perhaps the most famous products are the “cigare” rolled cookies and the double chocolate cookies, each of which is available in a variety of flavors. The what the company sells the most of are its assortments. Beautifully boxed, individually wrapped and ready for gift giving, these give recipients the opportunity to try a variety of Yoku Moku’s famous delicacies....

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Fanta-Flavored Ramen Snacks

Japan is known for its unique and often strange snack flavors, and this one is about as weird as they come. Snack maker Oyatsu Company tapped Coca-Cola for its latest limited-edition incarnation of its popular Baby Star Ramen snacks. The crispy fried noodles take the flavor of orange or grape Fanta. The jury is out in whether or not the combo succeeds, but you’ll never know if you don’t try them for yourself. The snacks are available only for a short time while stocks last. Buy from...

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Kyoto’s Newest Starbucks is in a 100-Year-Old Japanese House

Starbucks recently opened its latest location in Kyoto, and it’s unlike any other in the world. Located in a 100-year-old Japanese house in a traditional section of the city, it features a full Starbucks bar on the lower floor and tatami-mat rooms on the upper floor. Aesthetically, it remains true to its origins, with a traditional noren curtain hanging at the entrance, wood walls and trim, and Japanese lanterns. Starbucks has a long and successful history in Japan. In 1996 it opened its first store outside the U.S. in the Japanese capital. Even now, its single busiest and top-selling...

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