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Month: August 2018

Ocean Blue: the Perfectly Instagrammable Salad Dressing

Japanese manufacturer Kenko is out to make your food more colorful, with the introduction of its new Ocean Blue salad dressing. Colored with spirulina and containing collagen, the dressing is both healthy and incredibly photogenic. Its bright blue color will surely catch the eye, while the tangy flavor of grapefruit excites the tastebuds. Ocean Blue can of course be used on salads, but it can also be added to a variety of foods for added flavor and a color that won’t be missed. For other original and delicious Japanese food products click here. Buy from...

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Ziploc x Beams Couture is the Collab You Never Knew You Needed

Fashion collaborations have come a long way in the past decade, and they are no longer limited to apparel or accessories brands. From artists of all genres to the most corporate of enterprises, it’s becoming hard to find companies that haven’t had their name on a collab. The latest offering from Beams Couture is proof of this, as it bears the logo of a decidedly non-fashion brand: Ziploc. You can now get a range of clear vinyl accessories, from umbrellas and visors to backpacks and totes, all bearing the Ziplock logo and the familiar magenta and blue accents. The...

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10 Unique Gifts to Buy from Japan

Japan is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, with an incredible range of unique, high-quality products for every type of person and at every price range. If you’re looking for a memorable gift, here are some ideas of items that are not easily found outside of Japan: Mug by Fragment Design Hiroshi Fujiwara’s design office has collaborated with Starbucks Japan on various exclusive mug designs, which usually sell out within a few days of hitting the shelves. This one was designed in partnership with ikebana artist Makoto Azuma.  Hiragana Jewelry Jewelry lovers will be smitten...

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Kaws Sesame Street T-Shirts for UT

Not long after his Peanuts collection for UT, the artist Kaws has yet again teamed up with Uniqlo’s t-shirt brand with a reimagining of some of your favorite childhood characters. This time he has put his spin on Sesame Street, giving x’d out eyes to Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, The Count, and more. The characters are in typically whimsical, fun poses, with Elmo breaking through a wall or doing what appears to be jumping jacks, The Count showing his toothy grin, and Cookie Monster devouring his favorite food. Kaws has even added in his own...

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Japan’s Best-Selling Facial Soap

Coco Larme is a brand of coconut oil based skincare products that have a cult following both in Japan and across Asia, despite zero advertising efforts from the company. The star product is the Mild Soap, a simple yet effective cleanser that is known for its superior lathering properties. Rubbing it with a mesh net produces a rich, soft foam that gently cleanses all types of skin. It is the best-selling facial soap in both Japan and Taiwan. Coco Larme products are handmade with 100% pure, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and contain no fragrances, sulfates, silicones, parabens, or toxins....

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