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Be a Part of One of the Oldest Ceremonies

The Japanese tea ceremony is a traditional ritual for preparing and serving Japanese green-tea, called Matcha. It dates back to the 9th century when tea was first introduced into Japan from China and is still preformed today. These ceremonies are used to make the best tasting tea but it’s about a little more than that. This choreographed ritual is about simplicity, spirituality, and being in the moment. It is a beautiful thing to experience. During the ceremony the tea is often served in chawan tea bowels, which are a form of raku ware. This is a traditional type of...

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The Sukajan Dog Jacket

The Sukajan is a very distinctive style of jacket that originated during the post-war occupation in Japan. American soldiers started to get traditional Japanese design stitched into the backs of their jackets to take home as souvenirs or gifts. The designs featured things such as dragons, cherry blossoms, and trees. They were usually made with silk and were bold colors with contrasting sleeves. In the 1960’s, the Sukajan was adopted by the Japanese as a sign of defiance against the rise in American fashion trends seen in Japan at the time. The jacket quickly became a symbol of gangs...

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Gudetama Japan’s Favorite Depressed Egg

Introduced last year by Sanrio—the company behind such iconic characters as Hello Kitty and My Melody—Gudetama was a hit in Japan from the start. And ever since his appearance at San Diego’s Comic Con this year, Gudetama’s popularity has reached beyond Japan to an international level.  Gudetama is the picture of angst, which may be why people find him so relatable. He’s a yellow egg yolk that is the embodiment of severe depression, clinging to his shell for security and never able to face the world beyond.  As with all of Japan’s most popular mascots, Gudetama has an extensive...

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Make Deskwork Fun with a Stuffed Computer Pokemon

In Japan, cute characters and mascots are everywhere, from street corners and train stations to shopping malls and office building lobbies. Now, you can have your favorite cuddly character keep you company while you go through the motions of writing emails, filing reports or filling in spreadsheets. Bandai, the Japanese toy maker famous for giving children countless ways to entertain themselves with such famous characters as Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Godzilla, and the Power Rangers, is also behind this latest adorable invention. Each PC buddy consists of two components: a plush stuffed toy and a soft armrest designed to make...

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New BITE 25 Backpack by The North Face

Fans of The North Face’s ruggedly cool BITE20 will be pleased to know that it has been upgraded and rereleased. The new BITE25 has the same great features as its predecessor, as well as an additional phone pocket on the shoulder strap. It’s only available in black and only in the Japanese market, so order yours from Japan Goods Finder now and we’ll ship it to anywhere in the world! Buy from...

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