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Need a new J-pop band to dance to, give the girls of Perfume a listen. They are a band of three lovely ladies named Ayano Omoto(“Nocchi”), Yuka Kashino(“Kashiyuka”) and Ayaka Nishiwaki(“A~chan”) from Hiroshima, Japan. The group formed in 2000 but did not find much success until the release of their tenth single “Polyrhythem” in 2007. And after the release of their album “Game” in 2008, they skyrocketed to fame. Perfume combines synthpop, bubblegum pop, dance-pop, techno, and house music to create their own unique sound of technopop. That and their use of processed vocals, that are almost robotic, and...

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Loving Bride

Hatsune Miku has stolen the hearts of many since her release ten years ago. With over 100,000 songs, 170,000 YouTube videos, and sold out 3-D concerts around the world, she has come really far for a virtual pop-star. It’s hard not to love her and her catchy music. And if you’re one of her 900,000 plus followers you may be interested to know that she can be a part of your special day. You and your partner can bind your love with Hatsune Miku marriage registration forms. The forms are completely legal and are accepted by all government offices...

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