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10 Unique Gifts to Buy from Japan

Japan is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, with an incredible range of unique, high-quality products for every type of person and at every price range. If you’re looking for a memorable gift, here are some ideas of items that are not easily found outside of Japan: Mug by Fragment Design Hiroshi Fujiwara’s design office has collaborated with Starbucks Japan on various exclusive mug designs, which usually sell out within a few days of hitting the shelves. This one was designed in partnership with ikebana artist Makoto Azuma.  Hiragana Jewelry Jewelry lovers will be smitten...

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Wear A Beautiful Language  

If you are looking for a line of feminine, dainty accessories then you need to check out Saori Kunihiro’s Hiragana collection. This line of jewellery features the Japanese syllabary called Hiragana and was designed by the calligrapher Saori Kunihiro. She wanted to feature this traditional style of writing in a modern way. And this is what she came up with. The line includes a necklace, ring, bracelet, and earrings. The pieces feature different words that the designer finds important and good to see like beautiful, bond or friendship, and even Japan city names such as Tokyo. Some of the...

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