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Bring Studio Ghibli to Your Kitchen with a No Face Soy Sauce Bottle and Rice Scoop

Anime and Studio Ghibli fans can now bring a little of their passion into their cooking, with new kitchen accessories featuring the character No Face from the hit film Spirited Away. We can always count on Ghibli characters to add some thrill to our lives, and now this mysterious character can dispense soy sauce to our families. No Face, the peculiar character who feeds on emotions, will pour out soy sauce from his hands. The Ghibli soy sauce bottle is made of porcelain and silicon and will sure to be a conversation started along guests and family members. Round...

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Tea-rrific Tins

There is something about Studio Ghibli movies that sucks you in and steals your heart away forever. Whether it’s because of the lovable characters or action filled stories, once you watch you, you will love it. And luckily, for all you Studio Ghibli fans, there are new collectibles coming out constantly for you to love and enjoy. Like the new Studio Ghibli tea collection that will be available to buy on April 22 at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around Japan. This collection consist of three tins, each with their own flavour of tea. Two tins feature designs from the movie...

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