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Two Japanese Flavors Combined: Coco Ichi Curry and Cup Ramen

When it comes to a quick yet filling meal in Japan, two options are particularly popular: curry and ramen. Now you can get both in one instant meal. The most famous chain of Japanese curry restaurants, Coco Ichibanya, has joined with one of the country’s leading manufacturers of cup noodles. The result is curry ramen that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere that you have hot water. Two flavors are available: spicy seafood curry and rich vegetable curry. Stock up now and you’ll be enjoying curry ramen for months! Click here to buy...

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Buy Coco Ichibanya Japanese Curry Set

Possibly Japan’s most popular chain of curry restaurants, Coco Ichibanya, also produces a line of curry pouches that are perfect for enjoying the restaurant’s famous flavors in your own home. This set includes a total of 12 packages of curry, in five assorted flavors. They are only sold at Coco Ichi restaurants and on a Japanese online shopping site, but you can now get your hands on this delicious curry through Japan Goods Finder. Order now, with international shipping to anywhere in the world. Click here to buy...

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