Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend, but for various reasons, not everyone is able to own a dog. That’s where the good news comes in: Aibo is back! Sony’s extremely popular robot dog has once again hit the market.

The robot is equipped with deep learning technology to analyze information collected by various sensors and cameras. It has an adorable appearance and can make various expressions using two OLED panels in its eyes. Its eyes are cameras that can detect obstacles, take steps and even take a picture. You can even check the photos taken with the special application called My Aibo. These also help Aibo recognize a person’s face, so it is easy for Aibo to recognize its owner.

It uses ultra-compact actuators that enable it to move full of life sense. You can teach Aibo movements like a happy pose or a dance. Its ears are also capable of understanding people’s words and sounds, enabling it to respond well. It also reacts with direct contact like a gentle touch. What’s more, Aibo’s data is stored in the cloud, so it doesn’t require connection to a computer to work.

If you’ve always wanted a dog but are held back by residential restrictions, fear of dog bites or runaway dogs, or any other reason, Aibo is the perfect dog for you. For other interesting Sony limited collaboration products click here.