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Kaws Sesame Street T-Shirts for UT

Not long after his Peanuts collection for UT, the artist Kaws has yet again teamed up with Uniqlo’s t-shirt brand with a reimagining of some of your favorite childhood characters. This time he has put his spin on Sesame Street, giving x’d out eyes to Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, The Count, and more. The characters are in typically whimsical, fun poses, with Elmo breaking through a wall or doing what appears to be jumping jacks, The Count showing his toothy grin, and Cookie Monster devouring his favorite food. Kaws has even added in his own...

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Uniqlo’s GU x Kim Jones Collaboration

Former artistic director for Louis Vuitton, Kim Jones, posted on his instagram a picture of a denim jacket with pink embroidery of the designer’s name and the phrase “Edge of the Looking Glass,” announcing his exclusive collaboration with GU, the lower-priced sister brand of Uniqlo. He stated his excitement for this new collaboration that will highlight his favorite designs from his past collections. The collections are inspired by styles from Jones’s now-defunct namesake brand, but updated to meet the latest designs. The line includes both pieces for both men and women, such as embroidered denim jackets and colorful, geometric patterned sweaters. These...

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Snoopy and Woodstock Meet Pop Artist Kaws

Collaborations between big clothing companies and artist are always great. Artist can add more creativity to the design and make it different than the normal designs we see everyday. Wearing the same clothing that everyone else has can be boring. But you can bring out your own personality and individuality with unique pieces, like the ones find in this collaboration. If you haven’t heard about it, this is a collaboration between one of the most successful Japanese clothing companies, Uniqlo, and the US born pop artist and designer known as Kaws. Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear company. They...

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