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Limited-Edition Star Wars Samurai Stormtrooper Bow Footman

Limited-Edition Star Wars Samurai Stormtrooper Figure What would you get if you crossed a Stormtrooper with a Japanese samurai? Thanks to famous Japanese sculptor Takayuki Takeya, we now have an answer to that. The artist has created a series of strikingly lifelike and detailed Star Wars figurines for Japanese toymaker Bandai. The latest edition—now available for pre-order and shipping in March 2017—is a Stormtrooper reimagined as a samurai foot soldier with a bow and arrow. Traditional Japanese influences can be seen not only in the figure’s choice of weaponry, but also in its armor and helmet. In addition to...

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Sakura Pencil

We know that pencils are not the most exciting thing to talk about. In fact, regular pencils are probably the most boring things ever. The color is bland and they remind us of having to do gross schoolwork, like math. Nobody likes math. But these pencils are different. They are not plain and boring. Nope, they are creative, fun, and really cute. Perfect for all you stationary lovers out there. What makes these pencils so special is their shape. They are not the regular hexagonal shape we normally see but sakura-shaped. Adorable! The sakura flower is so pretty and...

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VANS x Rollicking A Different Way to Wear the Sukajan Style

Following the success of their last collaboration, Vans and Rollicking are bringing out another pair of slip-ons. In July 2016 they released two pairs of slip-on shoes that were designed to resemble Sukajan jackets. A style of jacket that has been around since post-war times and have been very trendy lately. These jackets are normally made of satin and have embroidered designs on the back. Like Sukajan jackets, the slip-ons were made with a satin-like material and have embroidered designs. They were available in a blue pair with a tiger design and a red pair with a dragon design....

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