We know that pencils are not the most exciting thing to talk about. In fact, regular pencils are probably the most boring things ever. The color is bland and they remind us of having to do gross schoolwork, like math. Nobody likes math. But these pencils are different. They are not plain and boring. Nope, they are creative, fun, and really cute. Perfect for all you stationary lovers out there.

What makes these pencils so special is their shape. They are not the regular hexagonal shape we normally see but sakura-shaped. Adorable! The sakura flower is so pretty and this pencil represents it perfectly.

If you have never heard a sakura flower, you may know of it as a cherry blossom. They are gorgeous white and/or pink flowers that grow on Japanese cherry trees. They only bloom a few times a year and when they do, they only lasts about a week before they drop.

But this is what makes them so special. They are a short-lived beauty. This is why they are so admired, especially in Japan. For centuries there has been a practice called “Hanami” in which friends and families sit under the sakura trees and have picnics or feasts. It is also Japan’s national flower, which doesn’t come as a surprise since there are over 200 different types found there.

Now that you understand how special the sakura flower is, let’s get back to the pencil! Like we said earlier, it is shaped like a sakura which is really cute. But what makes it even more special is what happens when you sharpen them. The shavings look like sakura flower petals. The designer of this pencil is a genius and captured the essence of this flower beautifully.

The pencil is available in two different shades of pink, a very pale pink and dark pink. And they come in beautiful packaging too making them a great gift for a loved one. Or yourself if you love stationary!