Japan’s largest cosmetics company is going high-tech with a beta test of a new device that offers real-time personalized skincare products. Called Optune, the system involves both a dedicated smartphone app and a special machine, which work in tandem to offer the most optimal skincare for each individual at any given time.

Users start by using their phone to take a photo of their skin, which is then analyzed by the app. Other factors such as the customer’s mood at the time, the temperature and humidity, and the user’s menstrual cycle are also input into a unique algorithm that determines the best skincare recipe for the customer at that exact time. The final data is passed to the machine, which has been loaded with cartridges containing skincare products, via cloud computing.

The algorithm tells the machine how much of each product to mix together in order to create the ideal serum and moisturizer. It chooses the best recipes out of thousands of possible combinations, and even with the same customer the recipes change from day to day and even throughout the day.

The beta version of the Optune system will be on sale from this spring, with a full roll out planned for soon after. For other interesting Shiseido innovations click here.

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