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Daruma Doll Flower Vases

Daruma dolls are a traditional Japanese item that can be found in many homes and places of business. When tipped over, the papier mache dolls automatically right themselves, and they also are considered a good luck charm. When purchased, the eyes are left blank white, and the custom is that one is colored in when making a wish, and the other when the wish comes true. These original flower vases are based on the traditional daruma design, only with a flat bottom and a long, narrow neck. The eyes are still left blank, so you can experience the fun...

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Sunset over Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is an active volcano to the southwest of Tokyo and is the tallest peak in Japan. It has an attractive, symmetrical cone shape and snow covered tip most months of the year. Because of these features it has been the subject of art and photos for centuries and is one of the most known mountains in the world. This beautiful volcano has inspired yet again. The company Tsukiyano Studio have created a beer glass  featuring the 12, 389 ft mountain.  A green glass depiction of Mount Fuji is found in the bottom of the beer glass and...

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