Ever since the 1980s, Jenga has been one of the world’s most popular games of skill, and a staple in many households. It has spurred a number of variants, including giant versions that are popular outdoor games. No, a Japanese company has started marketing a game that follows the same concept of Jenga, but puts a very different spin on it.

In Oh! Sushi, players use a pair of chopsticks to remove blocks shaped like individual nigiri sushi from the tower, and then carefully place them on top. The pieces have cheeky faces printed on them that seem to be daring players to make a mistake, while the chopsticks add an extra level of difficulty. There is also a die that allows for different variations on the classic game. For younger players or those who would like less of a challenge, skip the chopsticks and use a single hand just like in Jenga. Either way, when the tower finally falls, you’ll have a pile of cute sushi faces to lift your spirits. The blocks even open up, with some revealing “wasabi packets” with instructions printed on them to add even more silliness to the game. It’s the perfect gift that will guarantee hours of family fun.