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10 Unique Gifts to Buy from Japan

Japan is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, with an incredible range of unique, high-quality products for every type of person and at every price range. If you’re looking for a memorable gift, here are some ideas of items that are not easily found outside of Japan: Mug by Fragment Design Hiroshi Fujiwara’s design office has collaborated with Starbucks Japan on various exclusive mug designs, which usually sell out within a few days of hitting the shelves. This one was designed in partnership with ikebana artist Makoto Azuma.  Hiragana Jewelry Jewelry lovers will be smitten...

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Honda’s New NSX on Display at Tokyo Headquarters

While the Asimo demonstration is generally considered the biggest draw for visitors to Honda’s Tokyo Welcome Plaza, the adorable robot has competition with the sleek, shiny and very cool NSX car that is currently on display. Originally released in 1990, Honda’s NSX hasn’t been updated since then, but the general consensus among auto fans is that it was worth the wait. Not only is it visually very pleasing due to its curved lines and mixed-material spaceframe, but it also has all the power you would expect from a modern supercar. It also happens to be a hybrid. Three electric...

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Star Wars Japanese Dish Sets

Are you a big fan of Star Wars? If yes, these dish sets are for you! The available collections include 9 small Star Wars dishes, a pair of Star Wars noodle bowls, or 4 Star Wars soba bowls. Each set comes beautifully packaged in a wooden or black cardboard box, perfect for gift giving or safe storage. While created in a distinctly Japanese aesthetic in shades of white and blue, the delicate porcelain dishes feature some of the most iconic Star Wars characters, including Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Storm Troopers. It’s this juxtaposition that makes them truly special....

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Shiseido Enters the IoT Game

Japan’s largest cosmetics company is going high-tech with a beta test of a new device that offers real-time personalized skincare products. Called Optune, the system involves both a dedicated smartphone app and a special machine, which work in tandem to offer the most optimal skincare for each individual at any given time. Users start by using their phone to take a photo of their skin, which is then analyzed by the app. Other factors such as the customer’s mood at the time, the temperature and humidity, and the user’s menstrual cycle are also input into a unique algorithm that...

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N. Hoolywood iPhone Case Boosts Your Wi-Fi Signal

Gone are the days where you have to worry about buffering videos and webpages that take forever to load. Slow Wi-Fi is now a thing of the past since the Linkase iPhone 7 case helps solve the issue. We all need a phone case to protect our device, but not all cases have the added ability to actually boost your Wi-Fi speed. The Linkase Clear includes a built-in Wi-Fi EMW antenna, which gives you speeds up to 10 times faster than normal. The lightweight case designed by popular Japanese men’s brand N. Hoolywood features a sleek, minimalist design that...

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