Fashion collaborations have come a long way in the past decade, and they are no longer limited to apparel or accessories brands. From artists of all genres to the most corporate of enterprises, it’s becoming hard to find companies that haven’t had their name on a collab. The latest offering from Beams Couture is proof of this, as it bears the logo of a decidedly non-fashion brand: Ziploc.

You can now get a range of clear vinyl accessories, from umbrellas and visors to backpacks and totes, all bearing the Ziplock logo and the familiar magenta and blue accents. The handy resealable bags have become so omnipresent, you likely have a box or two in your kitchen right now. But what you likely don’t have is a Ziploc apron with plenty of pockets to hold your ingredients and condiments as you cook. Now that item, and many other similar ones, can be yours.