Japan is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, with an incredible range of unique, high-quality products for every type of person and at every price range. If you’re looking for a memorable gift, here are some ideas of items that are not easily found outside of Japan:

Mug by Fragment Design
Hiroshi Fujiwara’s design office has collaborated with Starbucks Japan on various exclusive mug designs, which usually sell out within a few days of hitting the shelves. This one was designed in partnership with ikebana artist Makoto Azuma. 

Hiragana Jewelry
Jewelry lovers will be smitten with these incredibly unique and striking pieces that spell out words such as “Tokyo,” “Shibuya,” “arigatou” (thank you), and “utsukushi” (beautiful).
Bape Tatami Cushion
The Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape has melded the modern with the traditional in its take on the tatami cushion. Made with real tatami and Bape’s signature came trim, the cushion can be used on either the floor or a hard chair.
Doraemon Uno Cards

Doraemon is everyone’s favorite robotic cat from the future, and he can be found on a plethora of Japanese products. One that will guarantee fun for both adults and kids is this set of Doraemon-branded Uno game cards.

FDMTL Vans Sneakers
FDMTL is a Japanese denim brand known for incorporated traditional production methods into its designs. These sneakers for Vans Japan feature sashiko stitching on a deep indigo background.
Mokulock Wooden Building Blocks
Lego fanatics may want to switch their allegiances after trying these beautiful wooden interlocking blocks. Each one is carved out of a solid piece of wood, with no finishing oils, chemicals, paint, or glue used.
The Ginza Beauty Products
One of Shiseido’s most exclusive skincare lines, The Ginza is only sold in Japan, and only at a few select retailers. The products are known for their superior quality and luxurious textures.
Nike Japan T-Shirts
Nike may be a quintessentially American company, but these t-shirts scream “Japan.” From a simple swoosh over the city name Tokyo or Osaka to an Air Jordan design inspired by traditional Japanese artworks, there’s a tee for every sports lover in your life.
Mamegen Snacks
Established in Tokyo in 1865, Mamegen is a Japanese institution, churning out delicious legume snacks, nuts and rice crackers for over a century and a half. Try them for yourself and you may never go back to potato chips.
Children’s Bath Balls
Japanese bath bombs put others to shame. Available in a huge range of characters including Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Rilakkuma, Snoopy, Disney characters, Sesame Street puppets, and animals, each one has a small toy inside that comes out when the ball dissolves in the bath.