If you’re someone with a soft spot for retro electronics, Takara Tomy Arts has designed a series of miniature products that you’ll love. Taking cues from common household items in the 1970s and 80s, the company has released tiny versions that are functional with today’s technology.

A miniature portable radio plays AM and FM channels, and also comes with a tiny cassette that can record up to five minutes of sound on each side. What looks to be a tiny record player is actually a handy Bluetooth speaker, and a mini box TV turns your smartphone into a retro video screen. A classic fan is scaled down into a tiny desktop size, and can be plugged into your computer via a USB cable.
The series of Showa-era electronics not only look cool and are functional, but they are also priced well and make great gifts for anyone with a sense of nostalgia or a penchant for retro design.