A Japanese science and technology company says it has come up with a way to make heat styling tools that not only don’t damage hair, but actually help to repair existing damage. Bioprogramming Club has a series of blow dryers, curling and straightening irons that are in a class of their own. As demonstrated in a popular YouTube video, a group of top stylists from around Japan participated in a demonstration during which the devices were applied to hair for periods of up to one hour. Much to the shock of the participants, the devices did not burn the hair at all. On the contrary, hair was left smoother, silkier and healthier looking than it was prior to use. Even the color was more even and vibrant looking.

Whether you’re looking to minimize existing damage to your hair or are worried about causing additional damage, it would be hard to beat the Bioprogramming Club Repronizer dryers and Hairbeauron curling and straightening irons. Compared with most styling devices on the market, it’s a difference you can both see and feel, and the sleek, luxurious design is an added bonus.