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Japan’s Plastic Food is Famous. Now You Can Make Your Own.

Tourists to Japan are often fascinated by its elaborate displays of plastic food, which populate the windows of restaurants, cafes, crepe shops and more. The curious shopper can buy their own inedible food samples in Tokyo’s “kitchen town” of Kappabashi, but those who really want to know more about this strange Japanese quirk can now try their hand at making their own, right in their own home. Capitalizing on the popularity of and fascination with its products, one plastic food maker has begun selling kits that include everything customers need to try making their own weird and wonderful fake...

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Ocean Blue: the Perfectly Instagrammable Salad Dressing

Japanese manufacturer Kenko is out to make your food more colorful, with the introduction of its new Ocean Blue salad dressing. Colored with spirulina and containing collagen, the dressing is both healthy and incredibly photogenic. Its bright blue color will surely catch the eye, while the tangy flavor of grapefruit excites the tastebuds. Ocean Blue can of course be used on salads, but it can also be added to a variety of foods for added flavor and a color that won’t be missed. For other original and delicious Japanese food products click here. Buy from...

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Amezaiku, Handmade Candies from Japan

Most sweets and candies these days are made in factories and come pre-wrapped for sale in supermarkets, convenience stores and big-box stores. But this was not always the case. If you’ve ever been to a festival in Japan, there’s a chance you’ve seen a candy artist swiftly but carefully pulling, stretching, clipping and bending liquid sugar into fantastical shapes before it hardens. This is a Japanese art called amezaiku, and there are only a few dozen artists left in Japan who practice it. Luckily, there are a few shops were amezaiku candy can be purchased year round. The small,...

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Coco Ichi Curry and Cheese Snacks

Everyone has their own favorite snack foods, but sometimes half the fun of snacking is in trying something new. If you’re someone who likes unexpected flavor combinations, the Japanese company Kameda Seika has something for you. Known for its crispy rice crackers in a variety of flavors, the snack maker has now teamed up with famed curry shop Coco Ichibanya on a truly unusual product. The new snack is a mix of crispy rice crackers coated in a slightly spicy curry flavor, together with softer, cheese-flavored rice crackers. The spicy and cheesy tastes make a surprisingly good combo that have a...

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Michelin-Starred Cup Noodles

The Michelin Guides are like the bible for foodies, including only the very best restaurants across all cuisines. Tokyo has more Michelin-starred restaurants that any other city in the world, and one of those restaurants is Nakiryu, a ramen shop specializing in spicy dandan noodles. Now, you can get this same famous ramen in an instant version, as Nakiryu has joined forces with cup noodle expert Nissin Foods. The noodles, available at select convenience stores across Japan, may not be exactly as those from the restaurant, but they’re pretty close. Online reviews have people raging, saying they’re the best...

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