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Two Japanese Flavors Combined: Coco Ichi Curry and Cup Ramen

When it comes to a quick yet filling meal in Japan, two options are particularly popular: curry and ramen. Now you can get both in one instant meal. The most famous chain of Japanese curry restaurants, Coco Ichibanya, has joined with one of the country’s leading manufacturers of cup noodles. The result is curry ramen that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere that you have hot water. Two flavors are available: spicy seafood curry and rich vegetable curry. Stock up now and you’ll be enjoying curry ramen for months! Click here to buy...

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Tea-rrific Tins

There is something about Studio Ghibli movies that sucks you in and steals your heart away forever. Whether it’s because of the lovable characters or action filled stories, once you watch you, you will love it. And luckily, for all you Studio Ghibli fans, there are new collectibles coming out constantly for you to love and enjoy. Like the new Studio Ghibli tea collection that will be available to buy on April 22 at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around Japan. This collection consist of three tins, each with their own flavour of tea. Two tins feature designs from the movie...

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Add More Flavour to Your Meals

Looking to add more flavour to your cooking in a quick and easy way? Try Ajinomoto’s Hondarashi soup stock. It is rich in aroma and taste so it would make a great addition to your recipes. This soup stock comes in an assortment of different Bonita flavours giving you the ability to add variety in the tastes of your meals. Hondarashi are granules that are made from smoked and dried Bonito along with different seasonings to give it the best flavour. It can be used to make a lot of different Japanese dishes such as Miso soup, noodle soups,...

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Lucky Easter

It’s almost Easter and you know what that brings. Chocolate! Lots and lots of chocolate. Like Halloween and Christmas, Easter is one of the holidays during which you can eat all the chocolate and candy you want and not get judged for it. Which is really good because there are so many options to choose from, you can’t pick just one. It’s so hard not to go home from shopping without buying a pack of chocolate eggs or bunnies. Impossible even! Well, now there is another option to add to the already impossible decision. KitKat has brought out a...

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Pizza Hut Knee Pads

Companies have been pranking the public on April Fool’s day for years, usually with fake new products. And this year was no different. From Google Maps’ transformation to a Ms. Pac-Man game to Netflix’s Netflix Live and KFC’s Smart Bucket, this year seen some good pranks. One of the “new products” that were launched April 1 was the Hizza Pad from Pizza Hut. Hizza is the Japanese word for knee, so Hizza Pad translates to knee pad. But these are a little different then your regular knee pad, these ones use pizza to protect your knees. Yup, you read...

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