Earlier this year, Japanese beer and beverage company Kirin released a TV commercial to promote is seasonal Hare Nodogoshi alcoholic drink. Marketed under the same brand name as its popular Nodogoshi beer, the product was made only in limited quantities for the summer season.

To promote Hare Nodogoshi, Kirin launched a media campaign that included a popular and entertaining television commercial. It features two superhero-like characters representing the north wind and the sun, as well as two unsuspecting young women who are enjoying a day relaxing in the outdoors.

First, the north wind character creates a storm around the two women, with dark clouds and swirling winds that strip their bathing suit coverups from them, leaving them in only their bikinis. Next, the other character makes the heat of the sun increase until the two women are fanning themselves and wiping away sweat, but the only thing that will truly cool them down is a drink of Hare Nodogoshi, which they conveniently have in the cooler next to them.

The commercial was met with a positive response throughout Japan, which likely led to the product’s success this summer. Hopefully Kirin will release something similar next year, but in the meantime you can check out the famous commercial above.