Everyone has eaten a pack of instant noodles at least once in their life. It is a quick, convenient, and tasty meal that has been feeding teenagers and university students for decades. But have you ever stopped to wonder how these delicious noodles came about? It all started in 1958 with a man named Momofuku Ando. Japan was still struggling with food shortages as a result of World War II and Ando was determined to find a way to help. He wanted to find a way to make ramen quickly and easily at home. It took a while but he finally got an idea while seeing his wife make tempura. Ando invented a way to dehydrate the noodles by frying them in oil. This method later became known as flash-frying. With this new method, he made it possible for people to make their own ramen by just adding boiling water to the dehydrated noodles. People no longer needed to wait in huge lineups for food. They could make it in their homes. His “Chicken Ramen” became the world’s first instant noodles. He then went on the found the company Nissin Foods who are famous for their instant noodles and are established all over the world. A big change from the shed behind his house where he worked from before. So what about Cup Noodles? They were invented by Nissin as well. Cup Noodles deputed in Tokyo in September 1971 and were very popular with young people. But that should come as no surprise. This popularity is still seen today. It’s crazy how one man’s dream to help his country in time of need has become such a popular food staple throughout the world. That package of “Chicken Ramen” has resulted on regular packs, cups, and bowels of so many different flavours of noodles that anyone can find one that they like. Want to try some famous Nissin noodles? Click to buy now for some options.