There is something about Studio Ghibli movies that sucks you in and steals your heart away forever. Whether it’s because of the lovable characters or action filled stories, once you watch you, you will love it. And luckily, for all you Studio Ghibli fans, there are new collectibles coming out constantly for you to love and enjoy. Like the new Studio Ghibli tea collection that will be available to buy on April 22 at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around Japan.

This collection consist of three tins, each with their own flavour of tea. Two tins feature designs from the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and the third is from “My Neighbour Totoro”. They are all adorable and you are going to want all of them.

The Jiji tin contains a sweet rooibos tea made of rose petals, pink peppers, and dried blueberries. It has flavours of strawberry, apricot, and honey. Kiki’s tin comes with a sweet and tart black tea with strawberry and blackcurrant flavours. Finally, Totoro’s has a hojicha roasted green tea that is actually sourced from the forest that is the setting of the movie and where Totoro is said to live in real life.

What’s nice about the tea selection is that they match each of the characters featured on the tins. The sweet rooibos tea is said to represent Jiji’s warm and friendly feelings towards Kiki. While Kiki’s sweet and tart flavoured tea represents her bittersweet journey of leaving her family to become a full-fledged witch. Totoro is known to sleep, a lot, so the fact that his is a less caffeinated tea which is great for relaxing before bed is very appropriate.

We guarantee that these are going to sell out super fast. They are adorable, have delicious sounding teas, and you can keep to tins as collectibles once the tea is gone. So make sure you get them as soon as possible. Like we said earlier, they will be available April 22nd. They can be purchased in stores or online. If you want to be sure to get one or all of these cute tins and you live in Japan, you can pre-order them online now. So what are you waiting for?