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Listen Differently With Ambie

Japanese companies are known for coming up with cool and innovative ideas. They are definitely the guys to look to for new tech, fun toys, and wacky products. Well, the new company Ambie are right there with them. They have created something that is so different, we had to let you guys know about it. These earbuds do not actually go in your ear like normal ones do. Ambie earcuffs are designed a little differently. The larger, round piece goes on the back of your ear and the curved piece wraps around to rest just outside your earhole. Finally,...

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Your Dream Car

We all dream of having a luxury car at some point in our lives. Luxury means better than the normal and we all want the best. Having the best means that you are probably successful and have the money to buy whatever you want. This is a place everyone would like to be and aims for. So what exactly makes a car a luxury car? What makes it worth so much money and have such a high status? Well, simply put, they are made better. They have better equipment, performance, construction, and comfort. Luxury cars usually have nicer and...

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