While millions of children around the world know Barbie in her many iterations, those in Japan also have their own home-grown version, called Licca-chan. Just like Barbie, there have been countless versions of Licca, with dozens released each year, including some limited-edition and collaboration ones. This season’s lineup alone includes dolls with color-changing hair, special edition versions for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, ones inspired by the popular anime series “Demon Slayer,” and even an adorable “Minions” fan with a teddy bear. Unlike Barbie, most Licca-chan dolls are modeled after children, and the company behind the character says she’s 11 years old. Having delighted children in Japan since 1967, Licca is just as recognizable and popular as other well-known characters such as Anpanman, Doraemon and Pikachu.