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Daruma Doll Flower Vases

Daruma dolls are a traditional Japanese item that can be found in many homes and places of business. When tipped over, the papier mache dolls automatically right themselves, and they also are considered a good luck charm. When purchased, the eyes are left blank white, and the custom is that one is colored in when making a wish, and the other when the wish comes true. These original flower vases are based on the traditional daruma design, only with a flat bottom and a long, narrow neck. The eyes are still left blank, so you can experience the fun...

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The latest hit product from Panasonic Beauty is a compact massage and spa treatment machine that stimulates and increases circulation to the eye area, reducing signs of stress and fatigue. With a steam heater and a massage function that imitates the rhythmic touch performed by aestheticians during facial treatments, it is a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day or give yourself a pick-me-up on the go. This innovative device is only available in Japan, but order yours from Japan Goods Finder and you can have it shipped to anywhere in the world. Buy from...

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Arai x 56design SZ-RAM4 Shinya NAKANO Graphic Racing Helmet

This limited-edition racing helmet bears an intricate graphic design that is characteristic of Japanese Grand Prix motorcycle road racer Shinya Nakano. While he is now retired, Nakano was known for his easily recognizable helmets with cartoon-like eyes on the front and often a rendition of the Japanese flag on the side. It was only made in a limited quantity. It’s for sale only in Japan, but Japan Goods Finder will ship yours internationally to anywhere in the world! Buy from...

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Japanese women love skincare products, especially those that plump up the skin, preventing and reducing fine lines and other signs of aging. One popular ingredient over the past few years in collagen, and these Shiseido collagen supplements are always at the top of the market. They’re only available for sale in Japan, so stock up now from Japan Goods Finder and have yours shipped to anywhere in the world. Buy from...

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Check out this latest handy, high-tech gadget from Japan. Before heading to an after-lunch meeting, use Tanita’s breath checker to check whether or not you need to pop a mint. All you have to do is blow onto this device and within five seconds a cute drawing and a number from zero to five lets you know how badly your breath is likely to offend those around you. The gizmo is only available in Japan, so get yours from Japan Goods Finder, with international shipping to anywhere in the world. Buy from...

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