It’s almost Easter and you know what that brings. Chocolate! Lots and lots of chocolate. Like Halloween and Christmas, Easter is one of the holidays during which you can eat all the chocolate and candy you want and not get judged for it. Which is really good because there are so many options to choose from, you can’t pick just one. It’s so hard not to go home from shopping without buying a pack of chocolate eggs or bunnies. Impossible even!

Well, now there is another option to add to the already impossible decision. KitKat has brought out a new flavour just in time for Easter. These delicious chocolate and wafer mini bars have been given a new custard pudding flavour. And to make them a little more Easter like, they have cute bunny designs on them as well as the name Lucky Easter.

The packaging is also cute. It has an Easter bunny and a custard pudding inside an Easter egg, which is adorable. A pack contains 12 mini bars, so it is prefect for sharing out against the family. Or you could eat them all yourself. We won’t judge you.