Hatsune Miku has stolen the hearts of many since her release ten years ago. With over 100,000 songs, 170,000 YouTube videos, and sold out 3-D concerts around the world, she has come really far for a virtual pop-star. It’s hard not to love her and her catchy music. And if you’re one of her 900,000 plus followers you may be interested to know that she can be a part of your special day.

You and your partner can bind your love with Hatsune Miku marriage registration forms. The forms are completely legal and are accepted by all government offices in Japan. Plus they look so pretty!

There are two sets for you to chose from,  Loving Bride blue or Loving Bride pink. Both feature the blue-haired beauty in a gorgeous wedding dress and a pretty rose background. The blue set has a close up image of Hatsune from the waist up while the pink shows the whole stunning image.

Both sets come with three certificates, two for official use and one for you to keep to remind you of the happy day. Your version of the certificate has cute additions that will make it even more personal and special. There is a message from Crypton Future Media congratulating you on your marriage and a section to write the thing you like most about your partner as well as your favorite song. This would be great to put in your wedding book or to frame and keep in your bedroom.

You can order your favorite set online here(https://konin-todoke.com/products/detail.php?product_id=357) for 39,000 yen. And if your order number contains a 3 or a 9 you will receive a one of a kind plastic file with your order. So go check it out! We hope that you get one of those free files but more importantly, that you have a beautiful wedding and a happy life together. Congratulations!