Looking to add more flavour to your cooking in a quick and easy way? Try Ajinomoto’s Hondarashi soup stock. It is rich in aroma and taste so it would make a great addition to your recipes. This soup stock comes in an assortment of different Bonita flavours giving you the ability to add variety in the tastes of your meals.

Hondarashi are granules that are made from smoked and dried Bonito along with different seasonings to give it the best flavour. It can be used to make a lot of different Japanese dishes such as Miso soup, noodle soups, stir-fry, and even dipping sauces.

All you need to do to take your food from good to great, is add the specified amount of granules and you’re done! It’s so simple but makes such a difference to the flavour of your meals.

And if you need a little inspiration or are curious to see how other people use Hondarashi, check out Ajinomoto’s website. They have a bunch of recipes there for you to try out. You may find one you love!