When it comes to making clothes, quicker and more efficient techniques are normally used to give quantity over quality. But that is not the case with the clothing brand visvim. This Tokyo based brand uses traditional techniques and modern technology to create their footwear and clothing.

Visvim was created in 2000 by the designer Hiroki Nakamura and it’s purpose is quite beautiful, to find joy through creation. A goal that every artist and creator has. In the 17 years since it began, the brand has found it’s way around the world in department stores and boutiques. You can also visit visvim stores throughout Japan.

This brand prides itself on it’s use of traditional techniques of production. Their clothes are handmade and that makes them really special. They use natural dyes, freehand machine embroidery, hand-drawn designs, and their shoes are even hand-sewn. Everything is made with such detail and created to make an impression.

The use of new and old is not only seen in the production of the clothing in this brand but only in the designs of the clothes themselves. Nakamura takes inspiration from different countries as well as eras and modernizes it to make a new, interesting design.

You can see this use of new and old design in the footwear from visvim too. The brand is famous for their FBT shoes which have the look of Native American moccasins but have a sole like a sneaker. They also have their Folk line which consist of leather shoes that use natural tanning methods and have replaceable soles. These shoes are beautiful, it’s crazy that it is all done by hand.

With so many companies out there using harsh chemicals to make clothes, it is nice to see such a natural brand. They make their clothes and footwear with love and character and it’s really inspiring. Every item made is unique and handmade making it so special. It is a brand you will be happy to support.