There are few other series that are quite as popular and well known as Star Wars. Everyone knows the famous quotes and shocking moments, even if they haven’t seen the movies. Pop culture loves Star Wars. And for good reason, they’re good. Fans can’t get enough of the action and characters which has lead to the release of eight movies since 1977 and huge amounts of Star Wars merchandise.

And that’s what we’re here to talk about. In June and July 2017 you will be able to bring home two more pieces for your Star Wars collection. Japanese toy company, Bandai, are releasing two figures of everyone’s favorite villain.

The Darth Vader Toothsaber is a pretty interesting product. It is an action figure but it has a pretty cool function, it stores toothpicks. He can hold up to ten toothpicks in his cape and one in his hand as his Lightsaber. Plus, he has adjustable arms so he can look super cool while being functional.

Next up is the action figure of Darth Vader’s holographic form seen in Episode 5. It is made with a clear blue material so it really does look like a hologram. It’s pretty cool. He also has a range of accessories including different hands and two Lightsabers. And he’s posable, what more could you ask for?

Interested? Of course you are! Darth Vader Toothsaber will not be available until July but holographic Darth Vader comes out next month. That is so soon! So get excited and have your money waiting. You won’t want to miss out.