Nail art has long had a big following in Japan, with many woman spending hours in the salon every month to get the latest, cutest designs painted on their fingertips. But now a new machine by Koizumi significantly reduces the time it takes to get a new nail design, while also allowing users to change their look every day.

Prinail is a digital nail printer that gives you a nail art manicure in just seconds. Simply start with a coat of the special base polish and use the dedicated smartphone app (currently available in Japanese only) to choose from over 300 built-in designs or create your own using photos or images from your camera files.

Then place one finger at a time on the machine’s pad, and almost immediately you’ll have a unique manicure that’s all you. The designs rub off with water and only take seconds to apply with no drying time needed, so you can easily change your nail design for every occasion. you’ll never have to visit the nail salon again!