Studio Ghibli fans, get your wallets ready because you’re going to need it. Trust us. Go get it! Okay are you ready for this? We are sure you know and love the movie Spirited away. The story that follows a 10-year-old girl who gets trapped in the spirit world and needs to escape before she herself turns into a spirit and her parents remain pigs forever. Well, there is a piggy bank is in the shape of the iconic character Kaonashi No-Face.

But he is not like one of those regular, boring piggy banks. Oh no, he is a lot more fun. Once you place your money in his red bowel, he proceeds to eat it in true No-Face fashion. His body opens up to reveal his actual mouth. Which is huge and full of big teeth.

As we know, once Kaonashi starts to eat he does not stop until he has consumed everything in his path. Fortunately for you this little guy will only eat your money.