The Insta Pump Fury is a Reebok sneaker that was first released in 1994. They have a segmented design and uses a pump to create the perfect fit on your feet instead of laces. They are innovative and have been re-released a bunch of times. And this time it is in a collaboration with the famous Japanese department store, Beams.

Included in the collaboration are a new brown and gray camo pair of Insta Pump Fury sneakers, as well as a hat, t-shirt, and a pair of shorts. The brown and gray colors are used throughout the collection and the camo pattern is used again in the hat.

The t-shirt design is a display of the patterns for the sneakers, which is really cool and a great idea. You can see both brands in this collaboration. Everything looks great! And whether you’re wearing the whole collection or just one piece, you’re going to look cool, urban, and casual.