Anyone with an interest in Harajuku culture, Japanese pop music, or Tokyo’s kawaii fashion tribes will no doubt be familiar with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The fashion blogger turned model and recording artist has represented the weird and wonderful world of Harajuku on the global stage for several years now. And while recently her look has matured somewhat, the singer is now back with a new single and an international tour.

Last month Kyary released a new digital single called “Kimi no Mikata.” In the video, her costume and makeup are decidedly toned down from previous appearances, but the production is still just as impressive. Shot in a single live take, the video features Kyary dancing around on a set splashed all over with pink paint, her back-up dancers wielding iPads for an impressive digital-meets-analog spectacle. But international fans of Kyary don’t have to settle for a video on a screen. They can also see her live during her 2018 world tour called “The Spooky Obakeyashiki: Pumpkins Strike Back.” Inspired by Japanese haunted houses, the show has a horror movie theme, and is sure to entertain. Catch it in London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or other cities. If none of the dates work for you, get in touch with us to order your favorite Kyary Pamyu Pamyu album or merchandise. For more news about Japanese entertainment click here.