Companies have been pranking the public on April Fool’s day for years, usually with fake new products. And this year was no different. From Google Maps’ transformation to a Ms. Pac-Man game to Netflix’s Netflix Live and KFC’s Smart Bucket, this year seen some good pranks.

One of the “new products” that were launched April 1 was the Hizza Pad from Pizza Hut. Hizza is the Japanese word for knee, so Hizza Pad translates to knee pad. But these are a little different then your regular knee pad, these ones use pizza to protect your knees. Yup, you read that right! They were said to have the same impact absorption as car airbags. And you could choose from 27 types of pizza, like their Mochi potato or mayonnaise sauce pizza.

This April Fool’s Day joke was fun and very different. Japan is always showing the rest of the world unique things that they have never seen or heard of before. And this is definitely one of those things. Did you get fooled this year?