Want a fun pair of sneakers that are unique and trendy. Of coarse you do! The BAPE City Camo Yank Sta will be perfect for you. Their camo print makes them hip and trendy. That and their slim style makes it a nice shoe that can be worn with many outfits. But what makes these sneakers fun is what happens when in the dark. Certain pieces of the camo print actually glow green. Just like those star stickers you stuck to your ceiling as a kid. Which is pretty cool and nostalgic. The sneakers come in two different colors: a simple white pair that is more subtle since the pattern just consists of white shades, and a classic black, grey, and white camo print. These sneakers are different and like nothing we’ve seen before. BAPE has made a normal camo print way more fun with such a simple touch. Interested? If you need these glow-in-the-dark sneakers, just contact us and let us know your size.