What do you get when a cool American designer like Anna Sui does a collaboration with one of the cutest Japanese brands, Hello Kitty? Well, you get dark purple Hello Kitty plushies and really cool bags with a lot of butterflies. This designer added a dark touch to an adorable brand, giving it a edgier almost gothic feel. And we love it! If you have ever seen Anna Sui’s work then you know her love of dark colors, patterns, and butterflies. Her designs are interesting and different but always have the same edginess. She knows how to mix styles flawlessly and patterns beautifully. Her design aesthetic is definitely unique and easy to pick out. This is no different in the case of her collaborations. She has actually worked with Hello Kitty a few times now. For the 20th anniversary of the launch of her brand in Japan they brought out a Hello Kitty ring featuring a purple Kitty with butterfly wings and a butterfly on her head instead of a ribbon. Then again for the 30th anniversary with a necklace with an Anna Sui based Kitty charm. But it doesn’t stop there. They have also brought out a range of bags that include totes, purses, and wallets. Most of them feature a Kitty with a butterfly instead of a ribbon like the ring or wearing sunglasses, which is a fun touch. The sunglasses are even removable on some of them. Colorwise most of them are black, white, and purple which is very much her style. Some of them even feature the cute design found on her website. So it is easy to tell which collaborated pieces are hers. We love these collaborations and we know a lot of you will too. It is fun and dark and cool. Much different than the typical cute Hello Kitty we usually see. These are designer bags so you will have to pay quiet a bit to get one but if you can afford it, they would make a great addition to your bag collection.