Back in December 2016 Nike released the Japan-Exculsive Windrunner Lineup. A collection inspired by their training apparel from the 70’s which consisted of two t-shirts and a jacket. It was completely monochrome and each item had a reinterpretation of the Nike logo across the front. They looked really good and functional to wear when jogging. Now they have come out with two more jackets to add to the range. The new jackets are the same style as the previous jacket and have the same logo across the front. But the new addition offers more color options for those of you who are a little more bold with your clothes. Okay, one of them is still pretty tame but wearing a white jacket is risky. The new white jacket with black logo is really nice. Just be careful not to spill your protein shake on it. Our favorite one is definitely the brighter, bolder one. This red, blue, and yellow jacket is not for the tame at heart. It is out there! But at least people will see you coming (which can be very important for a runner). This collection is sleek, cool, and functional. Interested? Check it out on Nike’s Japan website.