Fans of cute, little characters are going to love this. In 2001 the manga series Cinnamoroll was created by Sanrio. It is the story of a little, white dog with floppy ears who is taken in by the owner of a cafe called Cafe Cinnamon. The dog has a plump, curly tail so she decides to name him Cinnamon. The manga, anime movie, and animated shorts follow this little dog on his adventures with his equally adorable friends. For the 15th anniversary of Cinnamoroll, Sanrio has come out with a bunch of new merchandise featuring Cinnamon and his friends. And it is all really cute! There are so many things to choose from. They have plushies, accessories like purses and backpacks, stationary, cute food kits, and even clothes. Sanrio has even created Cafe Cinnamon on their website. You start on the outside of the cafe and if you click on the door, you go inside. It is so adorable and interactive which is really fun. Everything about this anniversary release is just cute so definitely go check it out.