Sheet mask have become so popular over the past couple of years. And for good reason. They are great for your skin. These single-use masks first became popular in South Korea but have quickly made themselves known throughout the world. They are basically a sheet, usually made of cotton, that is in the shape of a face with openings for the mouth, nose, and eyes. The sheet is soaked in a serum and you apply the whole sheet to your face.

Yes, it does look really weird but your skin feels amazing while and after using them. Interested in trying one? We recommend the Keana Rice Mask, especially if you suffer from dry skin. It is soaked in an organic serum made of rice derived ingredients that smooth, plump, and hydrate your skin. But it doesn’t just leave your face feeling soft and hydrated, it also decreases the size of your pores. Bonus!

So how do you use this miracle mask? Easy! All you have to do is place the sheet on your face, move it accordingly so that your eyes, mouth, and nostrils are not covered. Then gently massage your face making sure the mask is not bubbled up or creased. Leave it on for about 20 minutes then take off the mask and massage the remaining serum into your skin. That’s it!

You will feel so refreshed after using this mask and your skin will feel better than it ever has. Another great thing about this one is that it comes in a pack of ten, not one like most sheet masks. So when you realize how good it is you don’t have to worry about going out and buying more.

Sheet masks are something you should look in to. You can get a lot of different ones and they can be used for different things too. This one focuses on hydration to get rid of rough, dry skin but you can also get ones that exfoliate, brighten, firm and so many other things. They really are great so try one out, you will not be disappointed.