New fashion ideas are always so refreshing, but it’s rare these days for a designer to come up with an entirely new concept. Luckily, visionary Japanese designer Junya Watanabe is not like others in his field, and prefers to forge new paths within the industry.

Watanabe worked with outdoor brands The North Face and Karrimor on a new garment that combines the warmth of a jacket with the storage capacity of a backpack. Whether you’re hiking in the woods or cycling the city streets, this designer jacket and backpack combo will keep you dry while making sure your most important items are always on hand.

What makes this piece so unique is not only the innovative design, but also the fact that it is the result of a three-way collaboration. Watanabe has worked with both The North Face and Karrimor before, but this is the first time that the three brands have teamed up on a single garment.

This spring 2018 style will be available in blue/grey and tan/taupe colorways, making a stylish addition to any wardrobe.