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Arai x 56design SZ-RAM4 Shinya NAKANO Graphic Racing Helmet

This limited-edition racing helmet bears an intricate graphic design that is characteristic of Japanese Grand Prix motorcycle road racer Shinya Nakano. While he is now retired, Nakano was known for his easily recognizable helmets with cartoon-like eyes on the front and often a rendition of the Japanese flag on the side. It was only made in a limited quantity. It’s for sale only in Japan, but Japan Goods Finder will ship yours internationally to anywhere in the world! Buy from...

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Check out this latest handy, high-tech gadget from Japan. Before heading to an after-lunch meeting, use Tanita’s breath checker to check whether or not you need to pop a mint. All you have to do is blow onto this device and within five seconds a cute drawing and a number from zero to five lets you know how badly your breath is likely to offend those around you. The gizmo is only available in Japan, so get yours from Japan Goods Finder, with international shipping to anywhere in the world. Buy from...

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Kyoto’s Newest Starbucks is in a 100-Year-Old Japanese House

Starbucks recently opened its latest location in Kyoto, and it’s unlike any other in the world. Located in a 100-year-old Japanese house in a traditional section of the city, it features a full Starbucks bar on the lower floor and tatami-mat rooms on the upper floor. Aesthetically, it remains true to its origins, with a traditional noren curtain hanging at the entrance, wood walls and trim, and Japanese lanterns. Starbucks has a long and successful history in Japan. In 1996 it opened its first store outside the U.S. in the Japanese capital. Even now, its single busiest and top-selling...

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Like Legos, Nanoblocks are a staple in many Japanese households, as they provide a fun challenge to kids and adults alike. These tiny blocks are used to make replicas of a variety of Japanese and international monuments, including Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, London Bridge, the Parthenon and the Statue of Liberty. Order your favorites from Japan Goods Finder, and have them shipped to anywhere in the world!  Click here to buy...

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