Anime and Studio Ghibli fans can now bring a little of their passion into their cooking, with new kitchen accessories featuring the character No Face from the hit film Spirited Away.

We can always count on Ghibli characters to add some thrill to our lives, and now this mysterious character can dispense soy sauce to our families. No Face, the peculiar character who feeds on emotions, will pour out soy sauce from his hands. The Ghibli soy sauce bottle is made of porcelain and silicon and will sure to be a conversation started along guests and family members.

Round out your Ghibli kitchen collection with the plastic rice scoop, made of all black plastic with the wife part resembling No Face’s head.

This series is already creating a buzz among anime fans, who are in awe of how detailed No Face from is portrayed in these everyday kitchen items. You won’t find them outside Japan, but order them from Japan Goods Finder and we’ll ship them to you wherever you are in the world.