We’re living in a busy world where keeping track of time has become a major challenge for most of us. There is no time like the present and many say that time is a gift that should be used wisely. All of this is true, but far too serious, which is why today we want to introduce something more fun, the Knot brand. This incredible watch brand is quickly becoming the latest trend in Japan because of its beautiful and unique timepieces. Knot is a Japanese watch manufacturer that produces high quality watches that are affordable, exceptionally high quality, and relevant to the rapidly changing fashion scene. These timepieces are fun and fashionable and are the coolest must-have accessory today. Suited to both men and women, these watches are perfect to wear on a daily basis and add that extra bit of sophistication to any outfit.
The affordability of this watch is what makes it so great. It’s very difficult to come across a quality watch that doesn’t cost a fortune. Knot has decided to create beautiful watches that everyone can wear without breaking the bank and without compromising on quality.

Each watch is unique because you can have it custom made to your preference. There are a variety of straps, buckles and faces available to be tailor made to meet your needs. The straps consist of a variety of different colors made from leather, fabric or stainless mesh. Our current favorite is the kunihimo strap, which uses a traditional Japanese skill originating with kimonos but looks elegant and modern. But if it’s not for you there are plenty of other options to choose from. The leather range alone has nine colors: orange, black, dark brown, brown, oak, red, navy, olive and white. These colors are a perfect combination to ensure that everyone finds what they’re looking for.

If leather doesn’t appeal to you and you like stainless mesh more you have a great variety of colors to choose from as well, such as rose gold, yellow gold, silver, grey, and black. Colors can be chosen to complement your personal style. Can’t decide which is your favorite? Buy an assortment and change your band every day to match your mood or outfit.

It’s very difficult to find a brand that is able to give you the perfect accessory that helps define your style; luckily Knot is a brand that cares about your likes and needs.