Shiseido is one of the oldest and most popular beauty brands in the world selling everything from makeup to fragrances to skin care. The brand started in Ginza, Japan in 1872 as Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy. Since then they have become so popular that Shiseido products can be found and loved around the world.

And now there are more Shiseido products to love from their Playlist line. The line includes makeup, skincare, and brushes which all like beautiful. Playlist is almost like a celebration of Shiseido’s makeup artist. They are all featured in an artist page with their own makeup looks that they have created.

What is different about this line is the resources available to you through Shiseido. For one, they have pictures of a bunch of different looks that you can try to recreate using the Playlist products. If you click the picture it brings you to a page that tells you the artist that created the look, what products they used, and easy instructions of how they used them to create the look.

Shiseido has also provided different video tutorials showing how to use each item in the line. The text in the videos are in Japanese but just watching what the artist is doing is very helpful and easy to follow.

But the coolest part of this line is definitely the artist kit option. This is a kit designed for you by one of Shiseido’s artist. All you have to do is pick an artist that you like, take a selfie, and answer some questions. Then you will receive a kit with samples of the products you need and a makeup plan designed specifically for you by the artist you choose. Pretty neat!

This line is everything you would expect from Shiseido. The products look beautiful and expensive, especially the skin care. And the website is so helpful, they have done a really good job with this line. If you are a makeup lover, you need to take a look.