Following the success of their last collaboration, Vans and Rollicking are bringing out another pair of slip-ons. In July 2016 they released two pairs of slip-on shoes that were designed to resemble Sukajan jackets. A style of jacket that has been around since post-war times and have been very trendy lately. These jackets are normally made of satin and have embroidered designs on the back.

Like Sukajan jackets, the slip-ons were made with a satin-like material and have embroidered designs. They were available in a blue pair with a tiger design and a red pair with a dragon design.

Now they have released a new pair to add to the already popular collection. This pair is not as colorful but are just nice as the originals. They are made with a black satin with white accents on the side. But you don’t have to choose between the two designs anymore. One shoe has the dragon and the other has the tiger.

These shoes are really cool and give you another way to follow the Sukajan trend. For other VANS x Rollicking collaborations click here.